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Get styled

Tell our virtual personal stylist who you are and what you love. Let your unique Lustr avatar come to life.


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We run your individual style and fit preferences through our cheeky algorithm to bring you a perfectly-curated selection of Aussie designers you’ll love.


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Buy current season or access exclusive pre-sales. Support designers early - be a part of the journey behind their next collection.

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Put your money where it matters and support local independent designers.

Buying identical things I can find in every major store and worn on every second shopper.

We’ll match you to independent designers you’ll love based on your personal style.

Spend hours endlessly scrolling to find something you like.

Get rewarded with discounts on upcoming collections before they’re released to the public.

'On Sale' is really just code for last season's stock.

Create your style avatar with your own measurements and preferences so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

I have no idea if this will suit me.